Vanishing Honeybees?? What are the Facts?

Lots of honeybees are disappearing and scientists don't know why. It might be because they are stressed out. We think they get stressed out because of the way they are transported in crates, being carried in trucks.

We are worried because bees pollinate our food. Nuts, vegetables, fruits, and honey will be gone if honeybees become extinct. So if you see a bee, don`t kill it, leave it "bee"! Check out the link below for more information.

If the Bees Disappear We'll All Be Stung

When you see a hive that doesn't automatically mean that bees live there any more. Scientists have found empty hives in Canada, U.S., Brazil and Europe.

Lot`s of food that we eat has a bit of honeybee in it!

hive_closeup_wooden wooden_colonies hive_closeup

Farmer`s buy or rent wooden beehives to put in fields so bees will pollinate crops. Honeybees are disappearing so farmers have to rent wooden bee hives!

Bees might even be dying from the they way are transported! It can be scary how many disappear in one day!

We think that their might be an insect or disease that might be killing bees every day! Hopefully it`s not the chemicals on the plants in the fields that kill bees!

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